Coaching/mentoring - what the PSU offers

What is it?

This is one-to-one support for doctors and dentists who need more expert help with their professional development than is available through the normal educational routes. Reasons can include:

  • one or more difficulties at work
  • training progress being significantly slower than expected.

For more detail:

  • the PSU coaching/mentoring agreement
  • what trainees can expect from coaching/mentoring
  • coaching/mentoring for established doctors and dentists 
  •  the four stages of PSU coaching/mentoring for performance 

Who is eligible?

Trainees and established doctors and dentists within the Oxford deanery are eligible. Read our full eligibility statement.

How do I access PSU coaching/mentoring?

Doctors and dentists can:

  • be referred by their supervisor or employer, where the coach/mentor will also involve the supervisor/employer. The educator or employer who refers you will need to download and fill in our referral form and email it to
  • refer themselves for confidential coaching/mentoring - email Filling in a referral form for yourself can help us allocate a coach more quickly. 

Alternative scheme for dentists

PASS scheme