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Career workshops for Foundation doctors in 2016: 

  • Medic Careers I workshops for F1 doctors, called Your Career - Thinking Ahead, take place across the Deanery between March and May 2016. Foundation doctors who aren't able to attend in their local area, may book a date at another centre. 
  • Medic Careers II workshops for F2s, called Preparing for Specialty Selection  take place in the autumn in all the Deanery education centres.  

The half-day MedicCareers workshops on preparing for the next stage of your medical career are recommended for all Deanery Foundation doctors. They include:

  • updates on selection
  • what do you need to consider in choosing a specialty?
  • building your portfolio
  • tips on completing applications
  • how to stand out at interview
  • a chance to practise interview skills in a supportive group
  • DVD clips of interviews
  • a dedicated section of the workshop on GP selection.

Comments on learning gained in workshops in previous years:

'Precise elements of process of application - I had little idea about it before.'

'Early recognition of gaps in portfolio, to be filled prior to interviews.'

'What to do next. How to make a decision re: careers in a logical way. Generally brilliant!'

'I need to get feedback for teaching! I need to focus my portfolio.'